Yes….really….the BAFTA award winning Game of Thrones TV show (dubbed to get bigger than Lord of the Rings) was actually filmed here ‘on location’ in our ancient 16th Century castle courtyard on Castle Ward Demesne just outside Belfast in Northern Ireland.


As you journey across the vast ancient demesne you soon realise why the HBO film location scouts chose here; it is like a time-warp as you enter the castles courtyard via the imposing north tower entrance gate; the sprawling surrounding landscapes and far-reaching views; it was the perfect place to create the ‘Winterfell’ strong-hold – home of the Stark family.

In the show there was an archery range in the ‘Winterfell’ courtyard where young ‘Bran Stark’ was being trained by his big brothers ‘Jon Snow’ and ‘Rob Stark’ to try and be a better archer than his sister ‘Arya Stark’! All this took place under the watchful eye of his father ‘Ned Stark’ and his mother ‘Catelyn Stark’.
“Which one of you was a marksman at ten?” (Ned Stark said to Jon Snow and Robb Stark as they laughed at young Bran missing the target again) “Keep practising Bran.” 
“Relax your bow arm Bran.” (Robb Stark)
A replica of the ‘Winterfell Archery Range’ has been masterfully recreated in our courtyard in the very same spot that the filming took place, transporting you into the world of Westeros. Meet the Winterfell Master-at-Arms in the ‘Armory & Forge’, dress up in character costumes from the show then step into the movie set and stand exactly where ‘Jon Snow’, ‘Robb & Bran Stark’ stood – don’t forget your camera!
game of thrones archery northern irelandgame of thrones archery northern ireland

The Bran Package

  • Meet the Winterfell Master-at-Arms in the ‘Armory & Forge’
  • Dress up in authentic Game of Thrones ‘Stark Family’ Costumes
  • Entry pass into ‘Winterfell Archery Range’ movie set
  • Receive Instruction from ‘Jon Snow’ character costumed archery instructors
  • Stand exactly were ‘Jon Snow’, ‘Rob Stark’ and ‘Bran’ stood and shoot medieval arrows using ancient bows (1 target between 2 people)
  • Hear all the gossip from our tour guides about what went on ‘behind the scenes’ on the actual filming days
  • Ample photo opportunities so you can share with your friends on facebook etc.
  • Minimum age – 8 years
  • Lasts approx. 45 minutes

The Ned Package

Same as ‘Bran Package’ plus: 

  • Exclusive entry pass into ‘Winterfell Archery Range’ for up to 3 people (you will be only people in movie set area during your booked timeslot – private session)
  • Shoot more archery arrows (1 target per person)
  • Ample photo opportunities so you can share with your friends on facebook etc.
  • Minimum age – 4 years
  • Lasts approx. 50 minutes

Just 40 minutes from Belfast City Centre.

These experiences are independently operated by Clearsky Activity Centre. They are not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with HBO or anyone associated with ‘Game of Thrones’
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