Skills Development Courses

This section of our website is for those of you who would like to take things that bit further, that is, develop personal skills in your selected activity to a proficient standard so that you can ultimately do it by yourself safely and in confidence in good time.

Hill Walking Skills Development

Hill Walking Skills
On our Hill Walking courses our highly skilled instructors help you gain all the skills, techniques and, most of all, the confidence you need to travel further in the hills under your own steam. Interested?  click here. 

Rock Climbing Skills Development

Climbing Skills
Rock Climbing’s special combination of mental and physical challenges, make it a unique experience. Once you’ve tried it, you’re hooked! With us you learn the key safety principles of the sport quickly so allowing you to get out there on your own next time and do it safely. Interested?  click here. 

Canoe & Kayak Skills Development Northern Ireland

Paddle Sport Skills
Each and every one of our canoe coaches is an enthusiast – they just love to paddle and it’s their love for the sport that makes them want to introduce others to it.
So if you’d like to learn to kayak or improve your technique quickly click here. 

Team Building